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Thank you, therapists

Thank you, therapists

When it comes to rehabilitation, our residents are in good hands with the Aegis Therapies® partners and restorative aides we have dedicated to our community. Our therapists offer a full range of care to handle any need and we are grateful for everything they do for us!

Get to know our Aegis team and what they enjoy about working in our community.

Malory Bychinski, certified occupational therapy assistant and therapy coordinator

“I love working with my team members because they make my job that much more enjoyable. We strive to make the therapy room a fun and welcoming environment for our residents. And I absolutely enjoy working with this population. I love hearing about their life stories and building a relationship with them.”

Jessi Clutter, supervising physical therapist

“Everyone has their part and plays a vital role to help form this team. It is a team effort, and everyone works well together. It makes it enjoyable and we can laugh and have a good time. I also enjoy helping the residents and getting to know them. Everyone is so unique and I love learning about their lives.”

Carmen Crandall, certified physical therapist assistant

“We have a great team in our therapy department. We work closely together and problem solve different issues with our residents in order to help them reach their goals. We like to have fun, so don't be surprised if you hear a lot of laughter from our therapy room as you walk by.

What I also love about working here is the different stages of care we give, from independent to nursing care, and the relationships that we build with residents and their families.”

Jandy Wills, registered occupational therapist

“I enjoy all of the staff and especially like being a part of the team!”

Angel Paramore, speech-language pathologist

“I enjoy the easy-going personalities and good communication regarding a patient’s progress to assist each other in meeting goals. I also enjoy getting to meet so many new people and hearing their stories.”

PHOTO: Aegis Therapy team from left to right: Jandy Wills, Angel Paramore, Malory Bychinski, Carmen Crandall and Jessi Clutter.

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