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A heartwarming experience

By now, we hope you all have experienced our public display of affection. We are posting hearts in the windows of our building as a way to show all the love the employees have for our residents and all the love they give back to us. The love is spreading!

Suzy Jach, activities director and concierge at Lawrence Presbyterian Manor, shared an experience she had while grabbing lunch at McDonald’s recently.

“I just wanted to share the neat thing that happened to me. McDonald’s has free meals for health care workers, etc., so we went through the line and a volunteer met us to give me my food. She said to me, ‘I see you work at the Presbyterian Manor. I love to drive by there and see all the hearts in the windows, and it makes my day! You should feel very blessed to work there. I always hear wonderful things about that place. Thank you for being there for those special people!’ I said, ‘Yes, I am very blessed to work there, and I thank you!’”

We love our residents, staff and community!

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