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Ben Resch finds reward, satisfaction in work

For the past 14 years, Ben Resch, LPN, has built a career from caring for the residents of Lawrence Presbyterian Manor.

But none of those years have been like the past year.

“I’d like to say that I’ve been so impressed with how Presbyterian Manor and Christi have handled the COVID crisis,” Ben said. “I’ve felt safer at work than at home or out shopping. That’s a sign of how well PMMA is run in general, and our community in particular. We’ve all pulled together to protect residents.”

That commitment to residents’ well-being is central to Resch’s work and part of why he’s remained connected to the Presbyterian Manor family through all these years.

“Mainly what’s important to me is interacting with the residents, and making them feel at home and connecting with them,” Ben said. “I enjoy hearing their stories and learning from their life experiences.”

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, he worked along with everyone on staff to do all they could to create a comfortable and safe environment in the face of challenges such as restrictions on visitors and changes to normal activities. Now, as those restrictions begin to lift, Ben said it has been joyful to see even a small return to normalcy.

“As part of managing the crisis, a huge part of that has been making sure we do everything we can to keep residents as emotionally healthy as possible,” Ben said. “It’s been wonderful seeing families back together. It’s kind of like a reunion. It’s very satisfying when the relatives can finally come see their aunt or uncle. It’s a great thing.”

That “reunion” is especially gratifying because over the years Ben feels he’s become part of residents’ families.

“Almost all of them feel like family to me,” Ben said. “A side benefit is that I get to know their families. Some things come up where I need to communicate with a resident’s closest relative who is in charge of their care. You get to know people through that. I get to understand their needs, and we all get to know that we all care.”

For anyone considering a nursing career, Ben suggests finding your passion and specialty and developing it.

“I think nursing is a matter of finding your niche,” Ben said. “And there is a great niche to be found here. It’s focused on residents — to care for them and make life as rich as possible. And we’re more free to do that here than in some other places.”

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