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BINGO for the win!

Life around Presbyterian Manor has been anything but usual during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re just finding creative ways to stay connected with residents while keeping a safe and healthy distance. And yes, we’re still playing BINGO. It just works a little different.

“We set up a conference call meeting. Each time we run BINGO we set up a bridge line with a unique phone number and sign on credentials. We print off a handout with the appropriate phone number and sign on credentials. We distributed BINGO cards to the resident so each game they play with the same card. They call into the conference call and we start playing BINGO. When somebody wins, they yell out BINGO and we confirm their numbers. Each game has a winner and we deliver gifts and treats as prizes to the game winners,” said Curtis Jones, sales and marketing director.

Resident participation has been growing ever since the game started.

“It started off slow, but we are starting to get more people playing. It takes a little bit for the residents to get over their anxiety with conference calls, but after they do it once and see how easy it is, their anxiety goes down and they get more comfortable,” said Curtis.

BINGO by conference call is taking place a couple of times a week—not as often as staff would like, but this gives everyone enough time to get set-up for the next game.

“We want to give residents plenty of time to get the call information, so we need a little extra time in between BINGO sessions,” said Curtis.

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