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Celebrating the New Year

As we come into the new year we wonder what its days will hold for us.

We know that life is filled with change, some good and some not, so let’s move into this new year with a hope that is placed in our faith in the one that knows what each of our days will hold.

Our loving God has made a promise to be working all these things together for our good, this doesn’t mean we won't have difficult times, but even when we do He is able to bring His purpose to each situation.

I found a wonderful prayer on the iBelieve website that said this:

“Dear God, during the new transitions in my life, please remind me that You are always with me and have not forgotten about me. When I am uncertain, afraid, or needing encouragement, remind me of Your faithfulness in the past. Your Word reminds me that You will provide all my needs according to Your riches in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19). While this transition is new and unfamiliar, may You cover me with Your constant, secure, and loving presence. Thank you for giving me wisdom through Your Word, comfort when I’m down, and hope when I’m hopeless. Help me to be led more by faith rather than my feelings. Thank you that You will continue to be my present help and lead me in the best direction according to your will. When I am fearful about the unknown in this season, thank you for calming my fears and reigniting in me a grateful spirit.”

This helps us look to God to be with us and provide for us what we need in every situation that this new year may bring. The main thing is we are not walking alone. Our God is with us and we can trust He has a plan that is unfolding through each day. This helps us look at the new year before us with a true anticipation of what He has in store for us, that we can see the working of His grace and mercy on our behalf and for His glory. We can look to the care of a Loving Father that knows what is best for us even more than we could ask for, we simply put out trust in Him.

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