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Employee Spotlight: Kim Bond, director of nursing

How long have you been with Lawrence Presbyterian Manor?

I transferred from Aberdeen Village to LPM March 1, 2021. I have worked for PMMA on and off since 1999.

Can you describe the work and responsibilities in your role as director of nursing?

This position wears many hats.  All of them are related to making sure the residents and staff are well cared for all while adhering to all the policies.

What's the most rewarding part of your job?

Knowing we have a positive impact on our resident’s daily life/routine.

Can you talk about the parts of your work that really make an impression on you?

I have now had the opportunity to work at three different PMMA communities. Although each is unique, the mission of the organization and allowing residents to live their lives the way they choose has been very evident at each of them.

What motivated you to work in nursing? What keeps you energized in this work?

I’m a caregiver at heart. Choosing nursing was just a natural fit for me.  Although I perform many of the same tasks daily, every day is truly different and provides a new learning opportunity.

Can you talk about some of the challenges you faced during the pandemic?

It’s just been a time of uncertainty and many health care workers have had the added stress of wanting to take care of our residents but not endangering our families by possibly exposing them. Staffing has been a real challenge for most communities, and everyone has had to pitch in and work as a team more than ever. For the nursing team specifically, the staff is tired but still putting all they have into providing good care each day. I’m proud to be able to work side by side with this team.

Can you talk about the employees you work with and how they approach their work?

All the employees at the Lawrence community work each day with the residents’ best interests in mind. You can walk through and see so many of the staff (in every department, including the administrator) pitching in and doing little extra things for the residents every day. It’s a true picture of teamwork here at LPM.

Tell me a little about yourself — family, hobbies, interests, how you spend spare time?

I love to read and enjoy traveling, especially to those little hidden-away gems off the beaten path. I’m hoping to start being able to get out there more again soon. I love spending time with my children and grandchildren. My youngest son is doing his best to inspire me to appreciate the art of bass fishing, but I much prefer watching him fish while I sit in the sun and read a good book.

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