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Say hello to Kim Trupia, one of the newer members of our team. She made the move to Lawrence from Wichita and joined our staff as a social worker in October.

Before joining our community, Kim worked at a long-term care community in Wichita and for Adult Protective Services for the state of Kansas. In the five-plus years she’s worked as a social worker, Kim has found a lot she enjoys about her career.

“I enjoy connecting and engaging with the residents, problem solving and seeing the impact that I have on people’s lives,” said Kim.

What does she like about working at Lawrence Presbyterian Manor so far? “The residents and the team,” said Kim. “Everyone here is so supportive and helpful.”

In her free time, Kim enjoys playing board games, attending local events, reading and yoga. She’s also taking online classes at Wichita State University for a Master of Arts in Aging degree.

Kim lives with her boyfriend, Kyle, and their cat, Buttercup. “But in reality, Buttercup allows us to live with her,” added Kim.

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