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If you're not ready for senior living...

Moving to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) like Lawrence Presbyterian Manor is an important decision that takes planning. But many seniors feel they’re not ready yet for such a move.

What does “not ready” really mean? It could be something different for everyone.

Here are a few of the reasons people tell us make them feel “not ready:”

They don’t want to leave their home

It’s tough to leave behind a home filled with memories and all your favorite things. But over time, staying in the home may become difficult on seniors and their families. As needs change, the family home may not be suited for older adults and delaying the decision may eventually mean a move to an assisted living facility or nursing home, environments that are more physically and emotionally challenging than a move to an independent living community.

They’re still independent

It’s a common misperception that continuing care retirement communities are for people who need a lot of assistance. Although the communities offer assisted living and healthcare services on the campus, most residents Communities live independently for many years before they need long-term care help. However, living at a CCRC like Lawrence Presbyterian Manor provides a plan for the future for when needs change.

They don’t want to deal with moving

Decluttering a home and planning a move is always challenging and it gets more people are people age.  The process of de-cluttering can even be a special time to share with adult children or other family members as you dust off old family keepsakes together. Some retirement communities may even include moving and de-cluttering services as an added incentive to help make your move easier.

They’re not comfortable with the decision financially.

A move to a continuing care retirement community should take solid financial planning to make sure it’s a viable option.  A financial planner who understands CCRCs could help, while many CCRCs utilize software that helps determine if your assets and income are adequate to cover your projected lifetime cost.

In the end, the majority of CCRC residents report that they’re happy with their decision to move there. Many of them tell us they regret not making the move sooner. That’s because delaying the decision too long could mean missing out on many of the benefits such as a maintenance-free lifestyle, making new friends and gaining a sense of community, and focusing on the things you like.

If you are considering a move to senior living community but feel that you are not quite ready, we can help guide you through the decision. Contact Chris Phelps with your questions at 785-841-4262 or

The above article was written by Brad Breeding of myLifeSite and is legally licensed for use.
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