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I shared before that I enjoy listening and learning from the life-faith experiences of our Manor family, both residents and staff. I am also encouraged by how listening can draw us close to each other and develop relationships that are similar to our relationship with God. Steve Garnaas-Holmes, a writer, said “unfolding light daily reflections” encourage us to listen to God’s voice and experience the love, joy, peace and wholeness in our lives in spite of all the chaos around us. He writes,

Listen for the One amid the others,

the one who awakens something lovely in you.

If you don’t turn from this clanging world to listen

you won’t hear him.

Listen for the voice that calls you Beloved,

the voice that calls you to love.

Listen to the voice that speaks of Creation’s wholeness,

that beckons you to completion.

A voice that leads you toward others,

not your own rising above and away.

Listen to the song of the immense flowering within you,

the risk and passion you can dance to.

You will hear it in stillness, not in frenzy,

in silence, not in noise.

You will hear it from those who are belittled,

not those who are honored by this besotted world.

The Beloved will not speak of success,

but death and resurrection.

Listen for one who speaks with hope and delight,

listen to him. Listen to him.

I invite you to take time to listen to nature as it unfolds: the bird’s singing, the dead trees coming back to life. Most importantly, take time to listen to each other, show compassion, love each other and build a strong Manor community many, including myself, call our family.

Blessings to you as we continue to live in hope, joy, and peace.

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