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With 60 years under her belt, Mary Burchill has a lot of experience being a mom. But when it comes to passing down advice, she hesitates knowing there can never be just one right way to raise a family.

“It’s a real balance and I don’t know if there’s any secret to it,” said Mary. “I suspect every situation is different.”

However, for Mary, the one universal challenge facing all new moms is just that—the whole “newness” of being responsible for another life at a time when your own uncertainties are still prevalent.

“When you have this child, it’s kind of a startling thing,” said Mary. “You think, there’s this little bitty person that’s going to grow up to be a man or woman, and there’s so much you want to teach them and at the same time you’re learning a lot yourself.”

With that in mind, Mary does offer one small piece of advice on how to make it through with a smile on your face.

“Keep a sense of humor and enjoy the moments,” said Mary. “That can be difficult to do because when your children are young, you’re not very old yourself, usually, and you’re trying to figure out your life at the same time as they’re beginning theirs.”

For Mary, parenting is a journey, and each mom has to chart her own course.

“In the end, you just hope your children realize you did the best you could with what you had to work with,” said Mary.

As for her own Mother’s Day plans, Mary generally keeps it pretty low key.

“We’ve always gone out to eat on Mother’s Day, but it’s never a big, big deal,” said Mary. “My son will call or send a card or something of that sort, but we’ve never really done anything in particular.”

PHOTO: Mary Burchill shared one lesson from motherhood: "Sometimes you just have to make a decision and go with it."

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