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Old is Gold

By Dinah Dutta, Chaplain

My mother always used to say, “Old is gold.” It’s a very well-known and familiar proverb.

She used it to explain that we should not consider any old thing as a waste. Since the beginning of the year, I have been engaged in conversations about how the years are going by very fast, and we are growing old. Honestly, growing old never bothers me, except when I experience aches and pains in my body.

I was born when my grandmother was 70 years old. Both my parents had full-time jobs. My grandmother literally raised me and my siblings. She also lived a healthy 102 years. As I continue to reflect upon growing old, I would like to share with you the beautiful words I read regarding aging. The book, “Leaves of Gold,” an anthology of prayers, memorable phrases, inspirational verse and prose from the best authors of the world, both ancient and modern, edited by Clyde Francis Lyle, shares the following:

Better than Sermons

“I think that to have known one good, old man — one man, who, through the chances and mischances of a long life, has carried his heart in his hand, like a palm-branch, waving all discords into peace — helps our faith in God, in ourselves, and in each other more than many sermons.” —  G. W. Curtis.

I preach every Sunday and proclaim the gospel. As I have shared before, the time I spend with our senior residents indeed helps my faith in God.


God loves the Aged.
He gives them greater visions than the young;
He puts the words of wisdom on their tongue;
And keeps His presence ever by their side.
From dawn to dusk and on through eventide.

God helps the Aged.
Within their home His Spirit ever dwells;
Their mellow hearts are touched like chiming bells;
He calms their fears, then worries disappear,
Because they know His help is always near.

God keeps the Aged.
With hearts of gold, and silver-tinted hair,
And earnestness, and greater faith in prayer;
He keeps them as shepherd guards his sheep,
Till in His fold they gently fall asleep.
~ by Charles W.H. Bancroft

My dear PMMA family, I feel blessed to grow old with you, walk with you in faith and hope, for brighter, beautiful days and years ahead.

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