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Rock Chalk (and EMAW) Watch Party!

The Sunflower Showdown was a good chance for a watch party at Lawrence Presbyterian Manor.

Resident Bob Bearson organized the watch party for the January 31 KU vs. K-State men’s basketball game.

“Some of the games are on ESPN Plus,” Bob explained. “Not all our residents are able to access it or get it to work. I can, so I organized the watch parties. The Manor has been nice enough to let us get together and stream the games in the recreation room.”

Residents often enjoy snacks and refreshments during the watch parties, including soda and baked goods.

While KU fans probably outnumber K-State fans at the Manor, all are welcome and have enjoyed one another’s company.

KU won the January 31st contest, while K-State was victorious earlier in the year.

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