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Staff spotlight - Matthew Hersin

For our new Human Resources manager Matthew Hersin, working at Lawrence Presbyterian Manor is a dream.

“Human Resources was my degree and concentration in college,” Matthew said. “But I graduated in 2009 during the Great Recession, and I couldn’t find a job. I worked at the local post office, and eventually became Post Master. When I saw this job come up, it was my dream job.”

In his role as HR manager, Matthew is a sort of one-man crew. He’s responsible for all recruitment and hiring, in collaboration with other department directors. He goes along on interviews, takes notes, and helps make hiring decisions. Once hired, Matthew helps new employees through the orientation process, and gets them introduced to other staff and the PMMA culture.

“During the interview process, I always ask ‘Why do you want to work with the elderly?’ Matthew said. “I try to gauge whether they have the heart to work here, because it’s more than just a job.”

Behind the scenes, he helps with paperwork like audits, medical tests, and accessing payroll and employee information.

“People will come in with questions about how to access their pay stub, or how to locate them, or about their benefits,” Matthew said. “So, I get them going on the right track for that.”

When he’s not working, Matt enjoys visiting his parents in Hillsboro, spending time with his miniature Schnauzer, Leo, and fishing.

“I live in Meriden and the subdivision I live in there’s a boat ramp,” he said. “I go fishing as much as I can. I’ve gone fishing with my grandfather since I was three.”

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