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Thanks to those who make a place a home

Editor’s Note: The following includes the letter Mary Lou Wright sent to family and friends during the holidays, recounting what life is like at Lawrence Presbyterian Manor during the pandemic.

By Mary Lou Wright

I moved into the Manor June 11 and quarantined for two weeks. Downsizing from a four-bedroom house to a two-bedroom apartment was a challenge, but done with the help of my son and daughter-in-law and some fantastic, helpful friends.

Mary Lou Wright

I've heard that some individuals in some senior residences 1) don’t like the food, and 2) don't like it being delivered to their apartment. The food here is good and sometimes even great. I like having the main meal delivered to my door and the ability to reheat and dine at my convenience and read whatever is on hand. It's like takeout every day, but I don't have to drive anywhere.

Presbyterian Manor has been closed to visitors since before I moved in and remains so. The Manor backs up to the Girl Scout day camp, and I can meet friends there for socially distanced visits, which are nourishing for the soul.

I feel fortunate that I get to see Cris about once a month when he comes out to make Lawrence "deliveries." I haven't seen Jill and her family since last Christmas, like so many families everywhere. Thank goodness for the telephone, email and a hand-me-down iPad. We're so fortunate to have all this technology to see us through this craziness. But as a good friend wrote: we'll never take hugs for granted again.

Here’s a fan letter I sent to the kitchen and staff:

  • I really don't like asparagus but the pencil thin spears you serve are terrific, and I eat every one, every time.
  • The fruit cups, with miscellaneous fresh fruit, are welcomed by everyone and so refreshing.
  • The fish you serve is moist and tasty (and tartar sauce a good idea). I drive for Meals on Wheels, and their fish is always bone dry.
  • I didn't know I liked tater tots till I moved here ( they can't come along often enough, in my opinion).
  • The pies are to die for, super yummy. I mean really good.
  • No matter what, still don't like the cooked carrots.
  • BUT, the caring shown me because I alerted the kitchen I am allergic to chocolate has been so special (and I brag to everyone about it when they ask how I like the Manor). I didn't want to be a problem, but the yummy brownies and cake were just being thrown away — too good to go to waste. They always make sure I have a dessert — homemade cookies, ice cream or pudding.
  • Last night Lois(?) made a special trip back up to bring me a carton of pudding, which apparently hadn't been delivered. I had to explain to her that they send enough, and I’d rather not have — don't need — the pudding or Dixie cup ice cream, but the soft serve ice cream from the machine is quite nice. Oh yes, quite nice.
  • I am so impressed with the care and attention from the staff, and we residents don't say thank you enough. So thank you, thank you.
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