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Unshakeable Hope

With the coming of Spring later this month we have hope of seeing new life coming from the brown and dreary ground and from the trees. I have always loved seeing the little flowers, bursting forth from the ground, even when there was still snow, also from the trees that flower, the dogwoods, the red buds, and so many more. It is truly a renewal of hope!

I was reading again from the book, “Praying the Promise” written by Max Lucado and Andrea Lucado in which they share about God’s Unshakable Hope and His promises that He gives to us from His Word. One student of the Bible spent a year and a half counting the promises of God and found 7,487 promises! These are promises that give us true hope that Rests in Him. One of my favorite scriptural promises comes from proverbs 3: 5-6: “Trust in the lord, with all your heart and lean, not into your own understanding in all your ways, submit to him and he will make straight your paths.” We can have unshakable faith when we are trusting in a God that can do all things and a God who wants to care for us in His loving way.

Max Lucado uses Psalm 19:1-2, Isaiah 55:8-9, Jeremiah 9:23-24 and Romans 1:19-20 to pray God’s promises back to Him by praying:

“Thank you for being a God who wants me to know you. You have not hidden yourself from me. Father, at times I have not believed in you. I have wanted more proof, more evidence. But you promised that you have revealed yourself in creation to all of your children. When doubts come, I will cling to your promises. Your wisdom surpasses, all wisdom on this earth. Your Waze are much higher than mine. I could study you and your words for the rest of my life, and still only scratch the surface of the depths of who you are. You are at once knowable and unknowable. You’ve revealed yourself to me, but so much of you is a mystery and always will be.”

Deep in my knowledge of you, God. I want to know you more and understand you better. Reveal yourself to me through your Scriptures in through your creation. Reveal yourself to me through conversations and relationships. I am so grateful for your promises. Amen.

I challenge you to look for God’s many problems in His Word and use them as part of your prayers. He wants to give to you and me His unshakable HOPE!

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