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Which Road Shall We Take?

By Dinah Dutta, chaplain

There is so much on my heart I want to share with you.

By the time you read my note, we will be in a full season of spring. I am constantly reminded of the tough path we all walked and still are walking since last spring. However, the beauty of God’s creation is bringing new life from the dull and dead trees. Birds are singing, and that gives me hope each morning.

I still think we have a long road ahead before we come back to what we think of as normal. We have a long walk. I want to share with you a Bible verse from Luke 9:57: “As they were going along the road, someone said to him, ‘I will follow you wherever you go.’” In this context, Jesus’ disciples were saying they were willing to walk a tough road with him, not knowing what that path would look like. As believers in Christ, we too can say, “I will follow you wherever you go” as long as you are walking with us, Lord!

I have been reading a book titled, “We Make the Road by Walking” by Brian D. McLaren. In his book, McLaren tells us, “You are not finished yet. You are ‘in the making.’ You have the capacity to learn, mature, think, change and grow. You also have the freedom to stagnate, regress, constrict and lose your way. So which road will you take?”

Let me ask you this: during the pandemic did you develop a hobby, an interest, or a cause that intrigued, inspired, or provoked you? Would like to share that story so that together we can make a new road to walk and leave a path behind us for others to follow? Dear ones, as Brian wrote, we are constantly in the process of making a new path, and no pandemic can stop us. I am grateful for your patience, for your support, and for your prayers to make Presbyterian Manor a place of hope for me as well as for all those who share their gifts of service.

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