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Beth Brown had barely moved into Lawrence Presbyterian Manor in August 2015 when she had to relocate – to the hospital. Beth fell and fractured her pelvis less than two weeks after moving into her duplex.

"One of reasons I liked the duplex was that I could live independently, and when I was older I could move (into more advanced care)," Beth said. "But then my life got changed."

Beth's journey to recovery took her through the entire spectrum of care available at Presbyterian Manor, much sooner than she expected.

After her hospital stay, Beth needed rehabilitation to return to living independently. Her recovery was complicated by the development of foot drop, in which nerve damage or paralysis makes it hard to raise the front part of the foot.

Beth had almost eight months of rehabilitative therapy. Her treatment plan in PATH included physical therapy three times a week.

"The staff was very nice," Beth said. "Any place you go in the manor, the staff is wonderful; they know you personally, and they call you by name. It's just really a very nice place to be."

Because of her positive experience, Beth has become a great ambassador for new residents. "When people are moving into assisted living or health care, I tell them, 'It's really wonderful; you'll love it; there are lots of services; and people take good care of you.'"

Once she had completed rehabilitation, Beth moved into assisted living to continue her transition. Today, she is literally back on her feet, working out daily in the wellness center, doing tai chi and aerobics. Beth is once again living independently, enjoying the maintenance-free lifestyle that made Lawrence Presbyterian Manor so appealing in the first place.

Thanks to her experience in PATH, Beth made the move from a duplex to an apartment in the main building. “I learned that I could have all the services without having to leave the building and still be independent,” she said. Now she doesn’t have to go outside in bad weather to join in the activities and spend time with her friends.

"When you look toward retirement, you have to think of the long term," Beth said. "You won't always be in good shape; you need to have places available that you can turn to. This place is nice because you can live in your own duplex for years and years before you get to where need more care."

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